CyberArk Identity SDK for Android

This topic describes how to integrate CyberArk Identity multi-factor authentication with your Android mobile app.


The CyberArk Identity SDK for Android provides a high-performance framework to help you quickly and easily integrate CyberArk's Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) services within your mobile app. Using the CyberArk Identity SDK, you can incorporate a rich set of authentication factors, such as QR Code authentication and push authentication, to provide users with a seamless and secure end-user experience for your websites.

CyberArk Identity Android SDK also enables you to provide a rich and seamless authentication and authorization experience to the mobile app with strong biometric authentication. Enable native user registrations in the mobile app using the SDK for a secure user onboarding.

The SDK also enables the mobile apps to integrate MFA widgets for secondary or step-up authentication.

Before you begin

Make sure you have the following before you integrate the CyberArk Identity SDK

About this guide

This guide provides resources for integrating the CyberArk Identity Android SDK. The instructions help you leverage CyberArk's MFA platform.

Integrate CyberArk Identity Android SDK

Build your app using OIDC protocol:

Build your app using CyberArk Identity widgets:

Add QR code authenticator and mobile push authenticator to your app:

Add native registration using APIs to your app:

Add biometric authentication to your app:

Add logout functionality to your app: