Download and Edit the CyberArk Identity AWS CLI Configuration Files

To download and edit the configuration files:

Download the AWS CLI tools from the CyberArk Identity Admin Portal.

  1. Login to the CyberArk Identity Admin Portal and go to Downloads.
  2. Expand CLI Tools and click Download to download the AWS CLI tools.
  3. Extract the contents of the downloaded file.
  4. In the Windows command prompt, change directory to AWS CLI - Idaptive V1.
  5. If your organization uses a proxy server, then open the file and edit it according to the following table.

Edit line

No Proxy

With Proxy


Do not modify

Do not modify


Ensure the proxy is set to no

Modify the proxy to yes


No proxy value required

Replace PROXY_VALUE with the value of your proxy


No https proxy required

Replace HTTP_PROXY with the value of your http proxy


No change required

Replace PROXY_USER with the value of your proxy user for proxy server authentication. If not user-specific, use the value no

Note: This is not the CyberArk Identity instance authentication


No change required

Replace PROXY_PASSWORD with the value of your proxy user password for proxy server authentication.

Note: If the proxy user value is no, update PROXY_PASSWORD with a base64 encoded value of the proxy server password