SCIM API Requirements

The SCIM API requirements for CyberArk Identity provisioning vary based on the SCIM version.

SCIM 1.1SCIM 2.0
GET /Users?count=1GET /Users?count=1
GET /Users?filter=userName eq GET /Users?filter=userName eq
GET /Users/GET /Users/
POST /UsersPOST /Users
PUT /Users/PUT /Users/
GET /GroupsGET /Groups
GET /Groups/GET /Groups/
POST /GroupsPOST /Groups
PATCH /Groups/PATCH /Groups/
GET /ServiceProviderConfigsGET /ServiceProviderConfig
GET /Schemas, or both GET /Schemas/User and GET /Schemas/GroupGET /ResourceTypes/User and GET /ResourceTypes/Group
GET /Schemas/<schema_id>



If the application does not support SCIM, you can build SCIM facade middleware, which is the suggested workaround for custom apps.