Postman collection for role management

This guide helps you to test the CyberArk Identity role management APIs using postman collection. Postman is an HTTP testing API application that allows you to monitor requests and responses.


Import postman collection

Run in Postman

Get started with postman collection

Once the postman collection is imported, the following variables have to be pre-filled to run the collection based on the functionality you want to try out.


Authentication is required to access the APIs related to role management. The authenticated user should contain administrative rights to access the APIs.

The following variables should be pre-filled for role management:

Variable NameDescription
tenant_urlThe URL of the CyberArk Identity tenant ( The URL will be used for all API requests to CyberArk Identity.
usernameThe username of the CyberArk Identity directory user that has administrative rights to manage roles.
passwordThe password of the CyberArk Identity directory user.
role_nameThe name of the role to be added
role_descriptionDescription of the role
organizationName of the organization to which the role should be added
role_typeType of the role. It can either be "PrincipalList" (static) or "Script" (dynamic)
The rights that need to be assigned to the role. Please follow to see the value of these parameters
add_role_uuid_1The UUID of the role that needs to be added to the role
suppress_principals_listA boolean flag that specifies whether the principal list should be suppressed in the response or not
get_rightsA boolean flag that specifies whether the rights should be sent in the response or not
role_scriptThe dynamic role script

Administrative rights for the role

To assign administrative rights for the role, the below value should be sent to the API:

Administrative rightValue
Application Management/lib/rights/appman.json
Device Management (All)/lib/rights/mobman.json
Identity Verification/lib/rights/identityverification.json
MFA Unlock/lib/rights/mfaunlock.json
Read Only Role Management/lib/rights/roroleman.json
Report Management/lib/rights/reportman.json
Role Management/lib/rights/roleman.json
Show Audit Service TileServiceRight/auditShowTile
Show Cloud Onboarding TileServiceRight/cloudonboardingShowTile
Show Connector Management TileServiceRight/connectormanagementShowTile
User Management/lib/rights/dsman.json