Python Installation

Linux RHEL Installation



Linux may have an old version of Python. The following instructions will install Python 3.5.2 as an alternative installation option. Python/pip 3.5.2 is used as reference version. Ensure you are using python 3.5.2 or later versions when running AWS CLI for Idaptive.

Python is invoked with the python/pip command.

Run the following set of commands to install Python 3.5.2 for Linux.

yum  install  gcc
cd  /opt 
tar  xzf Python-3.5.2.tgz 
cd  Python-3.5.2  
make  altinstall  
python3.5  --version  
pip3.5  –version  
pip3.5  install  --upgrade  pip



  • pip3.5 –version will show version 8.1.1
  • pip3.5 install --upgrade pip will show version 8.1.2

Windows Installation

  1. Download appropriate windows installer
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Run the command pip install --upgrade pip

Once you install Python, set the python environment variables for the path of python and lib.