Sample App Deployment Guide

Step by step guide to setup sample app environment


This guide aims to help you in installing the prerequisite tools and deploy the Angular Java sample app.

Before you begin

Install NODE.js

  • Download the Node.js installer from and run the file(highly recommended to download 64-bit version).
  • Node.js installer includes the NPM package manager.
  • Ensure that the path of Node.js is configured into the system PATH environment variable.
  • Use the commands below to check Node.js installation.
  • Minimum version of node required is 12.14.1.
node -v
npm -v

Install JDK

  • Download the JDK package from and run the file.
  • Configure JDK bin path into the system PATH environment variable.

Set the path of jdk bin

  • Use the command below to check JDK installation.
  • Minimum version of JDK required is 11.
java -version

Install Maven


Set the path of maven bin

  • Check Maven version with the command below.
mvn –version

Configure SSL for the demo app

  • If you already have public SSL certificates, replace the certs folder certificates as specified below.

SSL Configuration

Along with the repo, you will find a folder named certs, which contains the self-signed certificates.

  • If you have any existing .p12, .crt, and .key files, rename them to sslkeystore.p12, server.crt and server.key and replace in certs folder respectively.

Step 1: Automation script to setup SSL

The automated script performs the following operations:

  1. Copy of certificates to respective folders.
  2. Move the certificates to OS specific certificates stores.

    If the certificates still not trusted, perform Install certificates action.

  • On windows, open command prompt with administrative privileges and run setup-ssl.bat file .

    Click Windows -> Command Prompt, Right click and select Run as Administrator.

cmd> setup-ssl.bat
  • For *Nix (Linux / Mac) systems, run

Step 2: Manual setup of SSL

Refer to Angular Java Sample App Self-Signed SSL Creation

Build and Run

Follow the steps below to Build and Run Angular Java application.


  • Navigate to identity-demo-angular/angular folder.
cd angular
  • Install the dependencies.
npm i
  • Run the application.
npm start

Spring Boot Application

  • Navigate to identity-demo-angular/spring-boot folder.
cd spring-boot
  • Install the dependencies and build the project.
mvn clean install
  • Run the server as administrator.
mvn spring-boot:run

Now, you can use the environment for the Angular Java Sample App.

Open and configure Settings to access web application.

What’s Next