Analytics Dataset API


A dataset is a collection of data. Commonly, this collection corresponds to a single database table, where every table column represents a variable, and each row corresponds to a member of given dataset. For example, all User Behavior Analytics (UBA) events are stored in database table where each table row is an event and each column represents one variable, such as event_name, event_type, and so on.

CyberArk UBA provides two default datasets:

  1. application_login_location
  2. application_security_overview

These datasets require you to provide values for two parameters, from_time and to_time, to display the output data. These datasets can be viewed but not edited or deleted.

You can define a dataset that displays columns the user selects from the default table event and apply conditions to those columns to meet requirements. All datasets a user creates are custom datasets and can be viewed only by the user who created it. To create a dataset, you need a valid SQL statement to query the CyberArk UBA Service database.


The user who accesses these APIs must have the System Administrator role or equivalent that allows access to CyberArk UBA Services. Use a bearer token that can be created from the API section of CyberArk UBA Service Settings to avoid the Not Authorized (HTTP 401) error code.