Get Started with CyberArk Identity APIs

This topic describes the information you need to get started with testing our APIs directly from the reference documentation.

Collect tenant specific information

In order to use the reference documentation to send requests to APIs in your CyberArk Identity tenant, you need to collect information specific to your tenant, and configure your tenant to allow requests from

tenant IDA unique identifier for your tenant. This is a required request parameter for many APIs.

To find your tenant ID, click your username icon, then select About.
tenant URLThe URL for your CyberArk Identity tenant. The tenant URL is

The tenant URL is a required parameter for all endpoints. Without it, you can't send requests to endpoints on your tenant. When you enter the tenant URL in the parameter field, "https://" is not required.

Enable the Try It! functionality

You can now click Try it! to test requests to endpoints from the developer documentation, and see responses specific to your CyberArk Identity tenant.

To enable Try it! for your tenant

  1. In the CyberArk Identity Admin Portal, go to Settings > Authentication > Security Settings, then add to the list of trusted DNS domains for API calls.

Specify trusted domains for API calls to prevent cross-origin resource sharing attacks before making the API calls from the Identity developer portal.

This example adds the domain for this documentation site as a trusted domain. You can add any domain that you plan to send requests from.

  1. In, select an endpoint from the table of contents.
  2. Enter required parameters, select a language, then click Try it!.

The response to the request to your tenant displays in the RESPONSE section.