Start Bulk User Import

  • Use this API to initiate the bulk user import in the CyberArk Identity cloud directory.
  • Only system administrators and users with user management rights can invoke this API.
  • This API is the first part of the two API calls to upload a bulk of users in the cloud directory. Refer to SubmitUploadedFile for the second part, which performs the actual upload.
  • This API takes a CSV file containing the users' information for bulk import and the file name as form-data in request.
  • When this API is invoked, the list of users and their information will be read from the CSV file sent as a request to this API, and the Identity cloud will store the file in the cloud storage and returns a ReturnID that contains the formatted name of the CSV.
  • The CSV file will be validated to ensure the data is correct in the CSV file, and validation errors are thrown if the information is not correctly formatted.

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