Advance Bulk User Import

  • Use this API to create users in bulk in the CyberArk Identity cloud directory.
  • Only system administrators and users with user management rights can invoke this API.
  • This API is the second part of the two API calls to upload a bulk of users in the cloud directory. Refer to GetUsersFromCsvFile for the first part, which initiates the import.
  • This API creates a scheduled task to process the uploaded CSV file containing the users information for the bulk import and creation.
  • When this API is invoked, admin submits the file uploaded to cloud for bulk user import.
  • This API request takes a query parameter 'importType' which should be 'ImportBulkUser' in this particular case.
  • In request body, the email address of the admin making the import and the returnId from preceeding API call are mandatory to be passed.

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