Advance a forgot username session (similar to MFA advance authentication)

  • Use this API to advance the forgot username session for a user who has forgotten the username to authenticate to CyberArk Identity.
  • Only system administrators, users with user management rights, or the user itself can invoke this API.
  • This API call handles an MFA-like package with a single challenge (particular case 'ForgotUsername' package).
  • Once StartForgotUsername API is invoked, and a user forgot username session had been created successfully, the advance forgot username API is invoked to advance the username retrieval process further.
  • SessionId and MechanismId returned as part of the "/startForgotUsername" API are passed as request parameters to this API.
  • After invoking this request, CyberArk Identity will attempt to email the specified email address containing the username.
  • If this process is successful, the success field in the response will be set to True, and the ClientMessage will indicate that the username was sent.

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