Add device biometric authentication

This topic enables the android mobile app to add device biometric authentication using the CyberArk Identity SDK.

The CyberArk Identity Android SDK gives the mobile app the ability to deliver biometric identity services with advanced biometric data processing. The biometric identity service enables your Android app to securely confirm identities using a seamless user sign-in flow.

Configuring the CyberArk Identity SDK provides an app with the ability to:

  • Invoke a strong biometric authentication dialog for users at app startup.
  • Handle strong biometric challenges for users, storing and retrieving the tokens as needed.

Invoke biometric utility instance

In order to register biometrics, use the following code sample:

var cyberArkBiometricPromptUtility = CyberArkBiometricManager().getBiometricUtility(biometricCallback)

Show biometric options

The following code sample shows all the strong biometric options available on your device.

private fun showBiometrics() {
    cyberArkBiometricPromptUtility.showBioAuthentication(this, null, "Use App Pin", false)

Handle biometric authentication callback

To start the service, register a biometric authentication callback using the CyberArkBiometricCallback interface. The biometric call model is as follows.

private val biometricCallback = object : CyberArkBiometricCallback {
    override fun isAuthenticationSuccess(success: Boolean) {
    override fun passwordAuthenticationSelected() {
    override fun showErrorMessage(message: String) {
    override fun isHardwareSupported(boolean: Boolean) {
    override fun isSdkVersionSupported(boolean: Boolean) {
    override fun isBiometricEnrolled(boolean: Boolean) {
    override fun biometricErrorSecurityUpdateRequired() {