Explore the OIDC playground on the sample app



  1. Setup OpenID Connect (OIDC) custom application in CyberArk Identity tenant
  2. Install the CyberArk Identity Java-angular sample app
  3. Setup the Java-angular sample app

Refer to our add authentication and authorization using OIDC protocol guide to know more about OIDC integration using Java SDK.

This guide provides an overview of how the Java SDK can be used in the custom application to create an OIDC client.

After successful login to the sample app, use the API + OIDC card to start with OIDC flows.


After clicking on the Continue button, the OIDC playground can be seen where the following three flows can be tried:

  1. Select Authorization from the drop-down and click Build Authorize URL.
  1. Click on Authorize. The authorization request is sent to the authorization server, and an authorization code is returned.
  1. Click on Proceed to exchange authorization code for tokens.

The userinfo response will be as below:


Note: Try Another Flow performs the logout against the user and navigates to the respective page of the sample app.

  1. Select Implicit from the drop-down. Optionally select the 'token' checkbox, if access tokens have to be generated.
  2. Click on the Build Authorize URL to send authorization request.

The response will be as shown below:


Further click on proceed to get User Info information.

## Hybrid flow

  1. Select Hybrid from the dropdown and optionally choose the response types and click on Build Authorize URL.
  1. Click on the Build Authorize URL to send an authorization request.
  1. Click on proceed to send a token request and get access, ID, and refresh tokens.