The QueryDefinition table contains tenant specific queries.

IDStringQuery's UUID (primary key).
NameLocalized StringQuery's name.
DescriptionLocalized StringQuery's description.
CategoryStringCategory assigned to the query (reports, etc.).
OwnerStringUser who owns the query.
RankIntegerQuery ranking.
QueryStringQuery text (sql, stored procedure reference, etc.).

Example Query

The following query returns the results from the designated columns that fullfill the LIKE requirement:

Script: "select Name, Description, Query, Owner, Category from QueryDefinition 
    WHERE category LIKE '%#[email protected]|null%'"}

The query returns all users with "test" in their login name.

SQueryDefinition table query response:

"FullCount": 1,
 "Results": [
    "Entities": [],
    "Row": {
      "Query": "select NormalizedUser, whenoccurred from Event
      where eventtype=\"Cloud.Saas.Application.AppLaunch\" and Applicationname like 'Linked%'\n",
      "Name": "Linkedin Launches",
      "Owner": "[email protected]",
       "Description": "",
      "Category": "Report#[email protected]|null"