Search for users

Send a POST request to the /UserMgmt/DirectoryServiceQuery endpoint to search for users.
You can search for users in any directory service using the typed string attribute filter _like in the request payload (searches by prefix). In addition, you can search for CyberArk Identity Directory users with the typed string attribute filter _end (searches by suffix). The following attributes support these filters:

  • Email
  • DisplayName
  • SystemName
  • Description

Example search

Refer to the following example request payload for an example of searching for users with the Email suffix The example uses the _end filter with the Email attribute, and limits the search to the CyberArk Identity Directory by specifying the CyberArk Identity Directory UUID.

Note - You can get the CyberArk Identity Directory UUID with a POST request to {{baseUrl}/Core/GetDirectoryServices.

    "user": "{\"Email\": {\"_end\":\"\"}}",
    "directoryServices": [

The response includes a count of the number of records returned as well as detailed results. Note that parts of the response example are excluded for brevity.

"FullCount": 1,
            "Results": [
                    "Entities": [
                            "Type": "af5b4a3f-e5d7-4801-a055-15cfa75ad6af",
                            "Key": "User",
                            "IsForeignKey": false
                    "Row": {
                        "DistinguishedName": "[email protected]",
                        "ServiceType": "CDS",
                        "Locked": false,
                        "ObjectType": "User",
                        "DisplayName": "sales0",
                        "Status": "Not Invited",
                        "StatusEnum": "Created",
                        "ServiceInstance": "CDS",
                        "ServiceInstanceLocalized": "Idaptive Directory",
                        "SystemName": "[email protected]",
                        "Description": null,
                        "EMail": "[email protected]",
                        "InternalName": "af5b4a3f-e5d7-4801-a055-15cfa75ad6af",
                        "Forest": "",
                        "DirectoryServiceUuid": "09B9A9B0-6CE8-465F-AB03-65766D33B06E",
                        "Enabled": true
            "ReturnID": ""
    "Message": null,
    "MessageID": null,
    "Exception": null,
    "ErrorID": null,
    "ErrorCode": null,
    "IsSoftError": false,
    "InnerExceptions": null