Self-service factor enrollment



  1. Install the CyberArk Identity Java-angular sample app
  2. Setup the Java-angular sample app
  3. Enable OATH OTP registration on CyberArk Identity

The Java angular sample app contains examples of how the client application integrates self-service factor enrollment in which the users can enroll the factors on the client application using the CyberArk Identity APIs.

Once the user enrolls into the factor, the enrolled factors can be used for step-up authentication and login.

TOTP Registration

To try out the self-service TOTP registration on the sample app, log in to the sample app with any of the three methods. Once logged in click on the "Register TOTP" tab.


The steps to register for receiving the OTP along with a QR code and a verification code input field can be seen.


The user can install any 3rd party TOTP authenticator or CyberArk Identity's mobile app and scan the QR code.

Once the QR code is scanned, the user will see a TOTP code that can be entered into the textbox.


Enter this OTP in the Code input box and click on Verify to proceed.


Now the user can use the TOTP factor to login into the web app